[INTERVIEW] Meet The Cast of K-Movie “Walking Street”!

Love never dies‘, ‘love and desire‘, ‘love is beautiful‘ and ‘all is fair in love‘ were some of the phrases that came up when we asked the cast to describe the movie, “Walking Street”.

Walking Street was directed by Lee Sang Woo and features Korean heart-throb Baek Sung Hyun, former member of KINO Lee Si Kang and actress Lee Song Yi. Set in Pattaya, the story follows two brothers who seek to find true love on the streets of desire.

The cast members were in Singapore recently for the 27th Singapore International Film Festival and we had the opportunity to sit down with them for a quick catch-up!

All members of the cast rated their chemistry with one another as 10 out of 10 except for Lee Song Yi, who jokingly said 9 instead.

Baek Sung Hyun enthusiastically replied with ‘butter crab’ and ‘laksa’ when asked about his favorite food in Singapore!

When asked about their experiences filming overseas, Baek Sung Hyun was fond of the Thai cuisine, Lee Si Kang found the language barrier difficult to overcome and Lee Song Yi felt the fatigue hard to deal with.

The cast also shared their thoughts after filming the movie. Baek Sung Hyun found that many of his fans were too shy to look him in the eyes as this was his first time filming a sex scene! Lee Song Yi was initially worried about his family’s reactions, but her father told her that she did an amazing job instead.

When asked about what his inspiration for the movie was, Lee Sang Woo said that the people in Pattaya and their lifestyles were his inspiration. He also mentioned that this movie was different from his previous movies, and that he was trying to tell a beautiful story.

Check out a snippet of the interview clip below!

Article By: Jonan
Photos & Video By: Nicole

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